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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I place an order?
Most users prefer to place an order directly in our online shop here:

You have multiple payment options and if you pay by credit card/debit card/Switch/Solo you will receive the deliver e-mail with the download link and serial key very swiftly. So you could get started straight away!

If you have to place a purchase order due to organizational processes please check out our Sales Team’s contact page.

How can I pay?
For online orders through our shop here.

We accept the following payment options:
Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB)
Switch Solo
Wire transfer
Check/Money Order

Online orders are processed through our partner cleverbridge. cleverbridge processes the payment and delivery for us. The order confirmation with serial number and download link are sent out straight after your payment is completed.

If you place a Purchase Order directly through our sales team then please pay by wire transfer, cheque or PayPal. The necessary information will be sent to you with the order confirmation and invoice. POs are usually processed the next business day at the latest.

Do you offer volume discounts?
If you want to buy larger quantities and see if we can cut you a deal then please please check out our Sales Team’s contact page to find out who to contact.

Can I place a purchase order?
Yes you can. For purchase orders we offer payments by wire transfer, cheque or PayPal. Please note that we cannot process credit cards if you choose to order by purchase order. If you would like to place a purchase order please contact Sales Team directly. All contact information is available here.

Purchase orders are normally processed the next business day.

Please note: Online orders through can be processed faster and you can pay by credit card.

How is Bling! It delivered?
A download link and serial number is the fastest and most cost effective way of obtaining Bling! It. So that’s what we do! We send you a link where you can download the installer for Mac or Windows and provide you with a serial number. All information you need to get started is always included in our order confirmation e-mail.

For online shop orders the order confirmation with

download link
serial number

will be sent from "cleverbridge" and the subject line will be “Reference #xxxxx: Your order of Vertus's products”.

I have placed an order but did not receive a confirmation. What’s going on?
If you placed an order online and your payment is completed then you should have received an order confirmation e-mail shortly after that. Have you checked your junk mail folder? It’s possible that your email program thought it was spam.
Watch out for an e-mail from "cleverbridge" with the subject line “Reference #xxxxx: Your order of Vertus's products”.

If you still can’t find it then just give us a shout, providing the details that you used in your order (first name, last name or company and e-mail address. Our support team at will be happy to look it up for you and send out another copy with your receipt, download link and serial number.

Can I get a CD?
Sure you can if you want! When you place an order in the online shop then you will be offered a back-up CD in the shopping cart. Just make sure the box is ticked and place your order. You’ll receive a freshly printed CD in the post. Delivery time is 8-10 days depending on where you are located.

When do I receive delivery?
Since most people order the download version the delivery is done by e-mail. The e-mail is sent to you right after the payment for the order is complete. So no long waits!
If you ordered a back-up CD, too, then you will receive that within a few days when you’re in Europe or 8-10 days to the rest of the world.

My credit card could not be authorized. What should I do?
Have you checked with your credit card company that everything is fine with your card? You should do that first. When this question is cleared, then you can contact our online shop service Cleverbridge to provide them with your credit card data again. All other information for your order is already in the system.

When speaking to their customer service, please provide them with the following order reference number. They will be able to process the request very quickly.

The contact information of the cleverbridge customer services is available here.

The information they will need is:

Order reference number
Card type
Card number
Name on card
Expiry date
Security code
Please note: cleverbridge at the above phone number cannot provide technical support for Bling! It and cannot answer questions about the product itself. If you need any help with Bling! It please contact Vertus at


Where can I download the trial version?
You can register to download the trial version here:

Simply register and you’ll get the link to the download. We’ll also send you some information to get you started - tips and tricks and where to find help.

For how long can I use the trial?
The trial version of Bling! It will be fully functional for 15days. This should give you enough time to find out about the features and benefits. During your trial phase our team will be happy to assist, of course. If anything is unclear, please have a look at FAQ, Tutorials, manual, tool tips, join one of the trainings or ask our team at

Installation & Registration

What are the system requirements?
Please visit our technical info page here.

Is Bling! It available for both Macintosh and Windows users?
Yes, Bling! It is available for both Mac and Windows. Please check out the system requirements and make sure that your machine is compatible before installing.

Do I need to uninstall the trial version once I purchased a license for Bling! It?No, you don’t have to uninstall the trial version. If you already installed the trial version and then decided to buy the full version then simply use the serial number that you received upon delivery to unlock the trial.

Do I have to register/activate my copy of Bling! It?
Yes, please. Only if you register your copy of Bling! It you can benefit from all the features. And it will be much easier for us to provide support when you need it, too!

How can I register/activate?
We provide two ways of registration/activation:

We offer an online registration for those users who have their machine connected to the internet. Because we know that some of you want to keep their machines internet free we do also offer an alternative registration by e-mail.

To register/activate please install Bling! It first. Then open the program and go to > Help > Register and you will be guided through the process.

Do I need an active internet connection?
Not necessarily. If you do have an internet connection then you can register Bling! It through the online connection. If Bling! It can’t find a connection you will be offered the registration by e-mail (“Manual” registration). The information you need to send to us is displayed in a little pop-up window in Bling! It and you can send it to us from a friend’s computer or similar.

How do I install Bling! It?
Before you start the Bling! It installation please make sure that all other programs are closed.

1. If you haven’t downloaded and installed the Bling! It trial version before then you can simply use the download link that you received after placing your order.

2. Double click the downloaded file when the download is complete. The installation routine will start automatically.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

4. Browse to the folder in which you want to install Bling! It if you don’t want to install it in the suggested location.

5. Follow the remaining steps of the installation wizard.

If the installation was successful, then Bling! It will show up in your list of programs under your Windows “Start” button.

On how many machines can I install Bling! It?
Most people work with a desktop and a laptop. Therefore we allow two registrations of the same user.


Where can I get assistance?
We have several sources set up for you.

If you are new to Bling! It then you will find our tutorials most helpful. You can watch our tutorials online at [LINK TBD]. Or you can view them through Bling! It under > Help > Tutorials.

Manual/Online help:
Bling! It offers an integrated online help explaining features and functionalities. You will find the documentation in Bling! It under > Help > Bling! It Help.

Tip Window:
You will notice our “Tip” window in Bling! It. Whenever you point to a tool or option in Bling! It the Tip window will change and display a context help with information about what the tool does and how it works. Very helpful indeed!

Since you’re reading this right now you obviously found the FAQ!

If you can’t find the information you’re looking for on our web site, the manuals or tutorials then you can of course ask the Bling! It Team as well. We’re always happy to help! Just send us a message at

Do you have tutorials for Bling! It?
We do indeed. We have a bunch of tutorial videos for all Bling! It versions available here.

What image formats can I use in Bling! It?
You can open the following image formats in Bling! It:


Once you are satisfied with your “blinged” image you can save it as a JPG file, which is the most common image format for the web. So the best format to use as a product shot for your online auction!


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