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April 2008

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Beautify eBay shots with Bling! It
If you prepare pictures of your stuff to sell online, you know the challenges of getting that old file cabinet, picture frame, or handbag to look attractive and enticing to would-be buyers. Vertus’ $50 Bling It 1.0.5 ( ) is designed specifically to doll up run-of-the-mill product shots for people who post to eBay or other online selling sites. Specifically, Bling It makes it easy to remove an existing background and place your image on the background of your choosing.

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March 2008

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Make More on eBay: Get the ‘Consumer Surplus’
For online sellers to maximize their profits they need to drive more buyers to their auctions, and the best way to do this is by presenting the product in the best possible light, a process which starts with the best possible product image. To accomplish this, many sellers have turned to a new software application called from Vertus called Bling! It. While other online sellers are literally taking pictures of products on the kitchen table, which does not lead to the most professional-quality images, Bling! It users are turning average photos into profit-maximizing ready-for-eBay product shots in minutes.

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Image editing tool Blings It on
Bling! It is designed to create images to catch buyers’ attention for those who are selling products. In other words, if you generate supplemental income online or through auction sites like eBay or Amazon (and I’m not one of those folks), Bling! It will prove useful with its ability to create professional quality product shots.

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Bling! It simulates commercial product photos
Vertus is now selling the Mac version of Bling! It, an image tool meant to improve sales of items online, particularly through sites such as eBay. The software extracts objects from existing photos, and helps composite them against a different backdrop more resembling a commercial product shot. To improve the illusion, users can add either stock or custom backdrops, as well as elements like logos, drop shadows and highlights.

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February 2008

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A Simple Tool For Primping Up Photos
Bling It does a great job of doing those simple things you need done quickly and efficiently. From deleting background images to resizing, rotating and changing color levels, Bling! It takes you to digital nirvana. On the other hand, those of you who use Photoshop or Elements should put this software down -- it's not for you. This software was developed for people who need ease of use, not power tools.

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January 2008

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A graphics software company called Vertus is showing something called Bling! It optimized for the Mac ($50). It turns average digital photos into cropped, ready-for-eBay (EBAY, Fortune 500) art with just a few clicks. Tell me that doesn't sound fantastic!

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The photo quality of products advertised online can be the difference between customers clicking through or continuing to browse.

With that in mind, Vertus this week released a Mac-compatible version of its image-editing tool, Bling! It.

Bling! It allows users with little or no proficiency in Photoshop or other editing programs to add features like backdrops, highlight effects and logos to product images with a few simple clicks, the company says.

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December 2007

Yahoo! Store Blog

It’s no secret that the quality of a store’s product images can have a significant impact on its sales. If you’ve invested time and effort to refine your product images, then you’ve likely found image editing can be a labor-intensive process, especially when removing and replacing backgrounds or improving the overall quality. So when I recently came across Vangie Beal’s ECommerce-Guide review of Bling! It, a new program Beal claimed could be used to easily accomplish these tasks in just a few minutes, I had to try it for myself.

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November 2007

Ever wondered how some sellers get fantastic product shots on professional looking backgrounds? Well the answer is photo editing software and a new product, Bling! It, aims to make it simple. Not only is Bling! It ideal for producing product shots for eBay auctions, but it’s at an affordable price that even the casual seller can cost justify.

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Picture Perfect: Blinging It Out on eBay

When you sell on eBay, you have to use the right combination of descriptive text and eye-catching photos to make your item appealing to potential buyers. Since your customer cannot physically pick up the merchandise to inspect it, your eBay auction images are extremely important in selling the product. To help sellers who likely know more about their e-business than about product photography, Vertus just launched Bling! It, a new image-editing tool that gives product shots a professional polish.

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October 2007

We secretly launched our new Bling! It software at PhotoPlus, New York - here's our first ever media coverage:

Podcast Network Review of Bling! It

"Bling It, Baby!: Vertus Software showed a very impressive program called Bling It that does a very specific job: It makes your product shots look extraordinary, especially if you’re posting them on Ebay or another online auction site. Although I’m sure t

here are other uses from the program – which automates the task of masking your main subject out from the background and jazzing it up with text and special effects – it obvious application is to pimp out your Ebay auctions. It’s a consumer-level version of their very powerful Fluid Mask program. As one of the principals of Vertus told me, it’s all about the democratization of the technology – putting fantastically powerful tools into the hands of anyone willing to spend five minutes learning the program."

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