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Simple Step-by-Step Actions. With first time users in mind, Bling! It takes difficult tasks and makes them quick and easy. Using step-by-step actions and simple to understand features Bling It is so easy to use and quick to learn that soon all web shots will be Bling!-ed!


4 Times Faster Than Other Methods. Using the latest and most advanced imaging technology, Bling! It reduces the time taken to create professional web ready product shots from everyday ones to less than a quarter of what was achieveable before!


Removing Old Backgrounds Is as Easy as Painting By Numbers! An overlay of lines tracing all key edges in the image acts line masking tape and outlines the product in the image - making seperating the product from the background as easy as painting by numbers!


See Backgrounds Disappear in Realtime Using the “Paintaway Viewer”. Bling! It offers peace of mind by showing background removal in the Paintaway Viewer in realtime.



Optimise for Major Auction Sites Like eBay and Amazon. No need to spend hours going through key auction sites like eBay trawling for information on optimal image sizes - let Bling! It do the hard work. For each site it not only optimally resizes the dimensions but also resizes to the correct data weight (kilobytes) as well.


Select a New Professional Background: Create Your Own or Use the Large Library of Professional Backgrounds. Getting the background right is so important. Bling! It provides backgrounds for all tastes. And if the right one can’t be found in the application then there is an option to import one too.


Sharpen the Product’s Appearance and Add Drop Shadows. Once the image canvas and background are set, next it’s time to ensure the product is displayed in the best possible way. Sharpen the product’s appearance; and create drop shadows to make it look like the product is either standing up or lying down.


Lift Highlights on the Product to get a “Shot-in-the-Studio” Feel. Use the Highlight Brush on the product to improve the product’s appearance by ‘lifting’ the highlights.



Enhance Product Resolution. Adjust the background and product resolution independently to improve the overall appearance of the product shot.



On-Application Guide and Tips. Great on-application tips and manual with links to tutorials.



Other Features

Adjust the Number and Position of Key Edges Easily and Quickly. If the key edges don’t trace the right edge on the image then adjust them using the Edge Adjustment tool. Great for those hard to get edges.

Adjust the Appearance and Softness of the Product Edges. When the background is removed, the hardness, softness and depth of edges may be adjusted automatically using the Edge Blending tool. Pick up the ‘wooliness’ of a jersey’s edge or smooth it to remove unwanted noise.

Preserve Hair and Fur Detail. Easily preserve fur and hair on the product in hard to believe detail.

Customise your Image Size. Customize the image size for any website. Set the size and data weight (kilobytes) quickly and easily and Bling! It will automatically optimise the image to these settings.

Configure the Position, Size and Rotation of the Product in the New Image. Adjust the product’s position using the easy-to-pick-up handling points. These can be altered at any time.

Add a Logo. Make product shots appear even more professional by giving them a logo. Use the transparency slider to make the logo blend into the image.

Help on Taking Pictures for Bling! It. Check out the application and website for a free and simple guide on taking images for Bling! It.


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