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Bling Your Profile Pics

Are you on SocialWeb’s such as Facebook, Myspace & Bebo? Do you want to jazz up your profile pictures? Do you want to Bling your mates’ photos? Then read on…

Imagine painting away the everyday background of your profile pic and dropping in a new funky one quickly and easily. Bling! It can transform your profile pic in a few quick and easy steps. Here’s how…

Step 1. Remove the Old Background

Bling! It - Photo Editor


With Bling! It it’s easy to remove the old background but keep your main object (normally you!). Simply paint Delete (red brush) outside these edges and Bling! It flood-fills right up to the blue edges - just like painting by numbers! Every time you paint Delete it is visible in real time in the Paintaway Viewer so you can see exactly what’s being deleted every step of the way.

Step 2. Set the Canvas Size

Set the height, width and data weight for you new profile pic and Bling! It will automatically ensure that the data weight will never go above the websites allowance but will maintain optimal product resolution.

Step 3. Choose a Background

Bling! It - PRofessional Digital Image Editing Software

Backgrounds can say so much about you and your profile. Now you can select whatever color or style background that best fits your personality. Bling! It offers three sources of backgrounds - generate them using our background design functions; alternatively load one using our large library of professional images (worth over $99!) or import one - loads of choice!


Step 4. Improve Your Profile Pics Appearance

Does your pic still need a lift? No worries, Bling! Its tools will improve the overall appearance, sharpen the product; add a drop shadow or lift highlights. Even add your bands logo to the image (assuming you’re in a band of course ;-))

Using Bling! It you can easily transform your SocialWeb profile pic:

From this...

To this…

Impress your friends download the free demo and Bling! your profile pics today!


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