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Transform Images with Bling! It Photo Editor
and create the best images!!!

Bling! It Software - Transform Images, Photo Editor, Best Images

Bling! It Photo Editor makes it’s easy to create the best images. Transform Images simply with Bling! It.

With Bling! It it’s easy to remove the old background but keep the product because Bling! It has done all the hard work by tracing all the key edges in the image. Simply paint Delete outside these edges and Bling! It will flood-fill right up to the edge - a bit like painting by numbers! And what’s more, your progress is visble in realtime in the Paintaway Viewer. If it can’t find an edge; use the Edge Finding Tool to intensify the search to automatically trace the right one.

Set the height, width and data weight for new web images either automatically from a convenient drop down menu of key auction sites like eBay or Amazon; or custom set them. Bling! It will automatically ensure that the data weight will never go above the limit but will maintain optimal product resolution.

Backgrounds say so much about the seller and the product. Given their importance Bling! It offers three sources of background. Generate them using our background design functions; alternatively load one using our large library of professional images or import one - loads of choice!

Does the product still need a lift? Bling! It’s tools will improve the product’s appearance without editing-out anomalies. Sharpen the product; add a drop shadow or lift highlights. Even add a logo to the image.

Web image resolution is greatly affected by data weight limits. Using clever technology, Bling! It will independently vary the resolution of the product and the background to estimate the product’s optimal appearance under the data weight constraints. This may be adjusted using the Background Compression tool.


Bling! It - Image Editing - Image Enhancement
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Bling! It Software - Transform Images, Photo Editor, Best Images